Cinematic Wedding Videography, based in Florence SC

Capture Your Wedding Day

While photographs capture still frames and snippets, wedding videography gives life to every second, every emotion, and every memory of your big day. Opting for wedding videography isn't just a trend – it's an immersion. Your highlight video will let you replay, relive, and re-experience your day in all its glory.

To ensure a seamless narrative of your wedding story, we strongly recommend aligning your photography and videography coverage times. By doing so, the essence of your ceremony, the laughter of the reception, and the candid moments in between are flawlessly intertwined in both formats, providing a rich and cohesive experience of your wedding.

Our seasoned team possesses the knack for anticipating moments and the skill to film them in their purest form. We blend into the background, ensuring genuine reactions, and our videography subtly weaves the narrative of your love story. View some of our highlight reels below!

There’s something inherently magical about hearing the laughter, seeing the dances, and feeling the emotions all over again. As a trusted name in Florence SC Wedding Videography, you can rest assured that to me, it's not just about filming events; it's about crafting a timeless keepsake of love, laughter, and happily ever after. Choose James McCoy Photography for a wedding videographer who understands the heartbeat of your big day. Let's make memories move.

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Mattie & Tradd | Florence, SC

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Sara & James | Florence, SC

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